Mahalaya 1080p HD wallpaperMahalaya 1080p HD images, Mahalaya HD images, Mahalaya images with Bengali wishMahalaya is the most huge festival celebrated in India. Mahalaya or মহালয়া suggests the course of action of Durga puja. It is the festival of lights symbolizing the triumph of value over abhorrence and the magnificence of light. Mahalaya is the time when God Durga came back to earth. Right off the bat, what establishes Mahalaya and reason are, it critical. Mahalaya comprises one of that Bengal greatest celebrations. ' Mahalaya ' infers lines of lit up lights. It is the festival of Durga and Hindus respect it with delight. During the celebration, individuals light up their homes and stores with Diyas (minor cup-molded oil light made of dry mud). They venerate the Lord Durga for incredible advantage and thriving and God Lakshmi for wealth and great. 

Mahalaya 1080p HD wallpaper

Mahalaya 1080p HD images

Mahalaya HD images Download 2019

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